Bumpy ride continues – for now

10 May 2018

Where has the time gone? Apologies for being a month late reporting my last set of blood test results. It’s been a busy spring with work ramping up for a major deployment and caring for mom and her own set of health issues as she gets older. To further complicate matters, there was also a problem with the sample taken as it had clotted and the lab was not able to perform the standard panel as before. In any case, the only values that they were able to determine were my TSH and Free T4. The TSH number got worse, dropping to 0.018, and my Free T4 moved up and just out of the ‘normal’ range at 1.83. All things being equal, I have to believe that stress is contributing to my continued hyperthyroidism, at least from a numbers game. Regardless, I remain mostly sympton free but I am keeping an eye on my weight due to a slight drop and I am experiencing the occassional feeling of being overly warm (2 of 3 factors that lead to my Graves’ diagnosis, the final one would be the return of muscle tremors). I’m hoping the feeling of warmth is nothing more than the fine Florida weather and that the weight loss is due to my attempt at getting outside more. Keeping my fingers crossed for my next blood test in July.

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