Midyear 2021 update


Just completed another half year check up for my Graves’ disease and my thyroid levels continue to show hyperactivity but I’m still not seeing the danger signals from my initial diagnosis. My TSH is still at less than 0.005, same as my last test (ref int 0.450-4.500); Free T4 at 2.49, better than my last 2.75 (ref int 0.82-1.77); and T3 at 217, again better than my last 269 (ref int 71-180). I also got a read for my Free T3, which wasn’t measured previously, at 6.8, higher than the reference interval of 2.0-4.4.

My retiring endocrinologist made one last plea for me to increase my medication or perform some version of thyroidectomy but I once again declined (no, me declining treatment advice was not the cause of his retirement). I’ve selected another New Yorker for my next endocrinologist so we’ll see how that works out.

I’m feeling great! I’m riding my bike 2-3 times a week for 25-40 miles per ride. My speed has improved from 12.5 mph to averaging 13.5-14.5 mph. I’m playing pickleball 3 times a week and trying to golf at least once a week. And as of this past week, I’ve added swimming, if you can call it that, to my activity list.

My vitals were BP of 117/68 (left arm) and 117/69 (right arm), resting pulse at 64, and temp of 97.9F. And while not measured in the current blood work, I did score a cholesterol reading of 164 when I gave blood back in June. I don’t think my stats have been better since the late 1990’s when I took up running.


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