The upside of 2022


It’s been an interesting year so far, starting with catching Covid and followed by getting pneumonia, what else can 2022 bring?

Better news, that’s what!

For the first time in years, all 3 primary thyroid reads from my latest blood work are in the ‘normal’ range! That was a bit of welcomed news, especially since the morning of my labs a week ago, I became a little concerned as one of my signals (muscle tremors) for a possible thyroid storm presented itself while playing pickleball and forcing me to withdraw. After reviewing, it’s probably due to not resting enough (I was on the court 1.5 hrs straight, warming other players up) prior to league play starting. Thanks to a good friend, I was able to settle myself down by soaking in their spa that afternoon.

On to the numbers:

TSH: 0.859 (v <0.005 previously), within the 0.450-4.500 reference interval

Free T4: 1.32 (v 2.03), and a 0.82-1.77 reference interval

T3: 99 (v 217), and a reference interval of 71-180 (yes, this interval is back to these numbers from 55-170, inconsequential since I’m squarely in the range)

BP was 130/73 (after coming from playing pickleball that morning), pulse 60, and O2 saturation at 99% (temp was not taken). Lastly, my weight seems to have stabilized around the 155 lb range ever since catching Covid. The only other thing worth noting was that my white blood cell count came out below the reference range of 3.4-10.8 at 3.1. The doctor doesn’t think it’s of any concern (only marginally below) and may just be a side effect of changing my dose of methimazole (2.5 mg) from every other day to daily.

In any case, I’m feeling as healthy as I ever have, maybe better than at any other point in my life. I’m now playing pickleball 7 days a week (on average, around 4-6 hrs a day), and enjoying lots of good food, good drinks and good times with friends.

Cheers, and, as another new friend would say, make good choices!

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