Follow-up with my endocrinologist 

31 July 2015

It’s been 6 weeks since my initial visit and diagnosis and, I have to say, I’m feeling good. I’m up around 20 lb. from my recent low, despite my goal of wanting to stay closer to 165. BP was 122/66 and pulse 64. The doctor was happy with my progress and based on seeing me, agrees that my progress is good. I’m working out again, and because I like lifting vs aerobic activities, I have to believe that’s accounting for some of my gains. Blood test is underway and I shouldhave  a more definitive answer for where my thyroid hormones are by next week. From that, he’s looking to reduce my prescription dosage of methimazole from 20 mg (10 mg x 2/day) to just 2 mg, and keep me there for a year. My goal is zero, but he wants me to continue at a low dose to keep me at remission. We’ll see. At least, from our discussion, he’s not a fan of ablation – something we both agree on. Remission is the goal. This is where he and I differ. If I get to remission, but some time downstream, it flares up again, he would want me to go back on methimazole. According to him, it’s inevitable that I’ll have another occurrence. I don’t buy into that train of thought. 

I’m doing tons of homework and I’m seeing a lot of evidence that suggests that you can prevent the hyperthyroidism from returning. This will require a lifestyle change for me to remain healthy. I’ve already removed fluoride (interfere with iodine uptake (needed for a healthy thyroid) from my dental care products and am inching closer to going gluten-free (difficult because mom doesn’t comprehend this and she still controls dinner 5x a week). I have Mercury amalgam fillings (I know there’s research out there that says Mercury is safe in the amalgam form but still, it’s a toxic metal and if I do this, I will commit to it all) and will likely get those removed with a certified Mercury-free dentist. I’ll consult with my functional medicine doctors and have some additional tests done to show where my sensitivities are and figure out next steps given my constraints. 


4 thoughts on “Follow-up with my endocrinologist ”

  1. Hey John,
    I’m not sure that there are certified Mercury free dentists.
    I personally do not believe in removing a sound amalgam filling. However, the jury is not fully out there about amalgam fillings. I beleive in them, but do not use it because the alternative materials are as good if not better. I would have them use a rubber dam for better isolation and evacuation of the material and anagram slurry.


    1. Hi Bobby,

      Check this reference:

      I’ve received similar comments and feedback about Mercury amalgams, for and against their removal. I’ve also read some horrible stories about patients who suffered tremendously when they had their fillings removed but without their dentist following a protocol to ensure Mercury isn’t ingested or inhaled in the process. I actually have an appointment with one of the founders of IAOMT, who, luckily, is located near me. My own dentist here recommended I consider having my fillings replaced but as she didn’t have the qualifications, I started researching and found Dr. Dressler. More to follow after my visit with him.


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