Latest blood test results are back

06 Aug 2015

More good news but still have a little more to go before my endocrinologist will call me back in the normal range. My latest blood test results are in and my TSH is now at 0.3. Apparently normal is anywhere from 0.3-0.5 to 3.0-5.0 (there’s some debate about what the lower and upper range should be) and my starting point was 0.01 (!?) at the height of my event. At the very least, I’m at the bottom of the lower end so he would prefer my level be more somewhere in the middle. For now, he has reduced my dosage to one 10 mg pill a day. I won’t challenge it for the time being and have another check-up in Nov.  I’ve regained a total of 20 lb. now and back to working out to nearly my old routine. Feeling strong!

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