Am I getting better?

02 Oct 2015

It’s been an interesting week. Late last week, I went in to get another blood test to see where I was with regards to my TSH levels. Back at the height of my episode, I registered a 0.01 and that was really bad. A few months ago, I tested at 0.3(2), a marked improvement and at the bottom of the normal range (0.3 to 3.0 being ‘normal’). I got my test results back this Tuesday (29 Sep) and was stunned to learn that I was regressing, or at least that is what the blood test was saying with a TSH back down to 0.03. Now the only reason I went to go for another blood test was because I was feeling good, but was noticing that my weight was slowing creeping back to where I was before I got sick (back to within 10 lb. of my pre-Grave’s weight) and I was consistently clocking below the ‘normal’ human body temperature of 98.6 °F (readings between 97.0 and 98.0 were common from visiting my functional medicine practitioner and when I was having blood drawn). I am also renowned for having “warm hands and a cold heart” but my hands are definitely cooler than I remember. That being said, I was hoping to show that my TSH would be more in that normal range and that I could further reduce my prescription of methimazole from the 10 mg a day by half. Instead, my endocrinologist is now beginning to suggest additional treatment (I believe he means RAI or surgery, which I am fully set against). He wanted to see if I wanted to move my scheduled appointment up from next month to this month but I decided to stay with my current schedule. The reason for putting him off was to see if adding back two of the herbal supplements I stopped taking will help (and maybe validate their effectiveness). I thought the combined effect with the methimazole was really slowing me down too much (I’ll just say that where my regular BM would be 2-3 times a day, I was getting down to having only 1) will send my TSH heading back in the right direction. At the time I was also at 20 mg a day so maybe at 10 mg plus the supplements (lemon balm and bugleweed), the effect on my BM won’t be as bad. We’ll see.

I also went in to have the first of my mercury fillings replaced (tooth #19) on Wednesday. Other than the extra precaution of dealing with a hazardous material, the experience was really not all that different from a routine visit to take care of a cavity. They took more care to cover my head and supplied me with oxygen while they were removing the filling. There was also the presence of an air handler to evacuate any mercury vapors from drilling out the filling. I am taking some additional supplements (zeolite and serrazimes) to help with detoxification and supporting my immune system. Honestly, I can’t tell if these are helping or not but so far, I’m not feeling any negative side effects from any mercury exposure since the removal. I also received my first ozone treatment to the infection under my molar implant. No reported change there yet either. I’ll know more after completing all four ozone treatments and then going back for another bioenergetic assessment.

During my dentist visit, I also received the results of my materials reactivity test – all 150+ pages of any compound that might be used for dental work. This goes hand in hand with trying to identify if any of my recent dental work includes materials that I’m reactive to. Based on the bioenergetic assessment done last month, I think my dentist ruled out any issues with my bicuspid implant but wanted to investigate the implant and crown for my left molar. I previously received information on the crown and it goes by the trade name of ‘Evolution Lite’, which turns out to be a material that ‘may not be suitable’ for me, per the material reactivity test. There’s only two elements (Gallium and Rubidium) in the porcelain that are on my no no list but still, these only account for a couple of percent of the total material. Even my dentist doesn’t feel too strongly about me being affected. There was also the question about whether the implant was pure titanium or not and it seems like it is. It goes by the trade name of NobelActive and made of ‘commercially pure’ titanium. However the infection started, it doesn’t look like it’s because of the materials used.

As I said, I continue to feel good and I’m not exhibiting signs of being hyperthyroidic despite having a TSH of 0.03. I think I know my body better than my endocrinologist does and I’ll continue to monitor myself for symptoms. I’m hoping the recent blood test was an anomaly – possibly due to me not fasting as I’ve done with my previous tests (they said I could have the test run without the fast). I’ll make sure to not eat 8 hrs before I have another test done.

Keeping a stiff upper lip!

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