Progression or regression?

8 Nov 2015

It’s herd to say whether I’m progressing to remission or if I’m regressing. I say this only because I continue to feel fine and have been doing a number of things to work towards remission for my Graves’ Disease but my physical health is contradicted by my blood tests.

The major focus of late is to address my mercury amalgam fillings and replace them with a composite I’m won’t be sensitive towards. Three of the five teeth are complete and I have my final two to go in one last swing this coming week. I’m also getting ozone treatment for the infection under my implant and will get the final dose with my next visit. I’ll follow-up on how well that treatment went in a few weeks to assess the results.

I also had another follow-up with my endocrinologist this past week and have had another blood test completed. I relayed to my doctor how I’ve been feeling and he can physically see that I’m doing ok. We talk some more about potential treatment since my previous blood work was showing that I still have a hyperactive thyroid with a TSH level of 0.03. But since I’m not showing any physical symptoms for being hyperthyroidic, he recommended that I at least stay the course with my prescription of 10 mg methimazole daily. We also have a further discussion about alternative treatments and we talk about RAI, surgery, or long term treatment using methimazole. He re-affirmed that he prefers not using RAI, leaving surgery or methimazole for me. I’ve already expressed my aversion to both surgery and long term use of methimazole and I bring up the topic of alternative treatment with either L Carnitine or Lugol’s plus lithium. He absolutely said “No” to Lugol’s iodine and said that iodine is the last thing anyone with Graves’ should take (his analogy is that it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire). As far as Carnitine and lithium, he said that both were still unproven even though I sited a German study for Carnitine and a Walter Reed Army Medical study on lithium. I tabled the discussion but am continuing to do more research on this.

Later in the week, the new blood test result came in and it was back to 0.01! I’m stunned as this is where I was a the height of my Graves’ episode earlier this year, yet, right now, I’m not showing any signs of Graves’. I’m not feeling excessively warm, I’m not losing any weight (I’ve been pretty stable for the last 3 months in the mid 180’s), none of the muscle shakes, no feeling of being suffocated, and none of the acne on the back of my neck. I honestly don’t know what to make of this.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for continuing to feel well but I will be staying vigilant and keep close watch on my physical health.

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