Midyear update

18 Jul 2019

First thing first, mom had her final follow-up with her orthopaedic doctor and her break has healed up nicely and no further follow-ups needed (including any therapy) and the final prescription of ‘no more broken bones, please.’ She is actually walking a little better now than before breaking her leg. Knock on wood.

Now as for my Graves, the latest blood test looks better but still shows one thyroid hormone indicating mild hyperactivity: my TSH is 0.325, still below the low normal of 0.45. That is a marked improvement from the last reading at the beginning of the year of 0.022. T3 and Free T4 are still in the normal range at 118 and 1.34, respectively.

The big question for me is whether or not stay the course with my medication, reduce the dose, or stop completely and see where my thyroid hormone levels will be in another 6 months time. I want to stop but given I’m so close to reaching what is considered to be normal, I think I’ll stay the course for another half year and hope that the TSH reading will finally be within range.

Otherwise, retirement has been good with many trips to the area attractions and more free time in general to spend outdoors. And with the increase in outdoors time, I’ve lost about 6 lbs (now 192) and about an inch off my waist. My doctor would like to see me at 180. I don’t know as I feel great and to reach 180 will probably require dietary changes that I’m happy not to make.

Cheers for now!

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