Continuing trend on my Graves’ disease

17 Jan 2020

Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! As for my mom and myself, age related issues continue to play themselves out for mom and her recent recovery from a broken right hip.

Her surgery itself was a success but this has left her right leg a couple of inches shorter than before, exasperating her already bad balance issues. Being a shuffler (v a walker) ruled her out as a candidate for orthotics. And as for her age related dementia, I’ll just say it is continuing to progress and we’ll have to come to a decision about placing her into memory care in the near future.

Now as for my own health, my annual physical went well but they do note that my cholesterol as being elevated – I blame it on the recent roast duck and pig I had prior to the blood work being performed. Nevertheless, they performed a risk assessment, taking into consideration my other stats and indicated that I wasn’t a risk for heart disease (yet! – BP 123/77, pulse 62, weight 192 – ok, I know, I could stand to lose a few pounds but considering it’s about 5 lbs less than last year, I call it a win, plus most people guess I am less).

My TSH levels also showed further improvements from the last test (0.431), it’s still considered to less than the low normal standard of 0.45. T3 remains in the normal range at 123 and T4 was not measured. In any case, my doctor agreed to let me reduce my methimazole to 2.5 mg every other day and we’ll review my blood test again in another 6 months. I think he is letting me do so as I remain asymptomatic and I am always monitoring for signs of my Graves.


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